About This Community

This community is for people who have used This Naked Mind process (bookaudio program or video coaching course) to find freedom in their relationship wtih alcohol.

What is This Naked Mind?

A mind at peace 
A mind that no longer is at war with itself - agonizing about the decision to drink or not to drink.
A mind that comes back together in its intention around alcohol.

This Naked Mind is a path to freedom from alcohol.

It's compiled from the most cutting-edge research on alcohol in the disciplines of psychology and neurology; it also examines the influence that alcohol has on our culture and society. It focuses on the dive into the roles of the conscious and unconscious mind in alcohol addiction, suggesting that a person's unconscious mind has been subjected to a lifetime of conditioning about the benefits of alcohol.

The process uses Liminal Thinking – a new approach that focuses on understanding how we construct and change our beliefs to help readers gain freedom from alcohol. Through the Liminal Points, we will walk through many of the common beliefs we hold about alcohol :
      - “Alcohol makes me happy.”
      - “I enjoy the taste.”
      - “I need to drink socially”
      - “It relaxes me.”

And then deconstruct them and reveal the truth behind those beliefs. Once you’ve worked through the points and absorbed the new information you’ll notice an interesting phenomenon taking place.You won’t want to drink anymore.  Yes, this really happens. Just check out these Amazon Reviews

Rather than teaching you how to be sober – This Naked Mind  takes the desire to drink away. Your desire to drink will be gone, so you won’t feel like you are missing out.You aren’t being deprived of anything.

The focus is not on staying sober, it is instead on just living and being happy.

You won’t be pining for a drink or avoiding social situations because of temptation.
Without desire there exists no temptation.

Welcome! So glad you are here. :-)